Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How to easily clean out a silted up Bore or well

It is quite common for bores/wells to slow down due to sand and silt depositing in the bottom, which is drawn in from the water bearing structures.
This can block off the water bearing zones and also damage regular pumps due to blocking up, abrasion and burning out.

The Brumby S1 and XS1 pumps are unique in that they can easily clean out silted up bores/wells to re-gain original depth and increase water production, as long as the water depth/lift above the water is adequate (25 to 30% water depth minimum). (More information HERE)

A slight modification is required, that will just take a minute:

1.) Pry the cap off the bottom of the pump. The cap is slightly
glued on in 2 spots, but a whack with a screw driver should get it
off. If bottom of strainer is slightly damaged, that doesn't matter.
2.) Using wide water proof tape, tape up the slots in the
strainer, so all the water and silt enters the very bottom, not through
the sides of the strainer
3.) Connect air and water delivery pipes as normal and lower
the pump down into the well/bore. Ensure that there is some extra
piping at the top, as the pump will go down deeper than it was.
4.) Start compressor and work the pump up and down into the
bottom of the bore/well. If there is silt in the bottom, the pump will
bring it up and will keep going down deeper until all lose silt is out
5.) When you have cleaned it all out, pull the pump back up
by the piping, while the compressor is still running.
6.) If re-installing the Brumby Pump for delivering water for
regular use, please ensure you remover the tape from the strainer
again and replace the cap.

For more details and a video, please click HERE