Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keep it clean

The following is useful for ANY air lines, but if you are using the L2 or S2 pump WITH a controller, it is important to ensure that the air lines are clean before connecting and commissioning the unit. If any debris is present it can end up in the flow switches and solenoid valves in the controller and jam them up, so the controller is unable to operate correctly.
The way to ensure clean lines is 2-fold:
1) keep the ends of the air lines capped or plugged while working with them to keep any dirt and debris out.
2) when lines are laid out, connect to the compressor, but leave open at the controller end, run the compressor until it shuts down and then open the air supply valve right up. That will give a hard blast of air if the compressor has a tank and should blast any loose particles out the open end. Do that a few times until the line is clean and no more debris comes out.
Once clean, connect up the controller and start pumping....

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  1. My well is 5" Dia. 260 feet deep with the water level at 160 feet.
    I installed a Brumby L2 pump using 1 1/4" poly for the Water and 1/2" poly for the air.
    I ordered both sizes of tubing from Crestline in 300 ft rolls and cut at 250 ft.
    The pump adds about 6 more feet in length leaving about 4 feet open at the bottom of the well.
    I first installed a plastic well seal cap, big mistake. When the 1 1/4" tubing fills with water it weighs over one hundred pounds. After I sanitized the well with bleach, I noticed the plastic cap was cracking. So I replaced it with a Little Giant WS-5114 Cast Iron Well Seal. Also at the Cap, I used three hose clamps on poly fittings to be sure and hold the weight.