Tuesday, November 3, 2009


If installing the Brumby pump in a bore or well, the piping needs to be secured at the top to the bore/well casing for 2 reasons:
- if the bore/well is deep, the pump may bury itself in the mud in the bottom and you won't get any water up as a result. The pump should be set just off the bottom, but not so deep that the compressor doesn't have the power to lift the water.
- if the water is deep (the pump is submersed a long way) - once you apply air, the pump will tend to become buoyant and rise, so you may have a great length of piping rising out of the hole after you start the compressor.
This is of course a great thing if you should ever want to remove the pump....the hard lifting is done for you...

If the pump is used in an open water body or large well, it may need to be weighed down to keep it reasonably vertical.

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